Match Formats

Team Golf Tournament

After the Teams are selected at the Draft Party all teams will play in a match/es on Day 1, playing a 9 or 18 hole match against other teams. Partners will be randomly drawn on Draft night for every match. Every match you will get to play with a new teammate. You and your teammate will compete as a 2-player team against the other players from the opposing teams same draft rounds. This will ensure that you will be playing against players with similar skill. For example, you are in Draft round #8 with three other 20 handicappers. Your teammate for match 1 has a 15 handicap and was in Draft round 5.  You will play against the round 5 and 8 players from the other team for that match 5 & 8 vs 5 & 8.  If your team wins its match your team gets 2 points towards the Team match total. If it ends in a tie one point each. After all your teams matches are completed, the points are tallied to get the Team match winner. Match 2 you will have a different partner and will play a different team.

Standings from Day One will be used to set the matches for Day Two finals. You will either play in the Gold or Bronze finals. Depending on the course layout finals will either be 18 holes or broken into 9 hole semi final and 9 hole final.

Match Play

Match play is one of the two primary forms of competition in golf. It pits players against another, rather than against the field as in stroke play. Opponents in match play compete to win individual holes, and the players who wins the most holes wins the match. The match is played in teams of two players that square off with the Draft Golf Format (see below).

Simple: Win a hole, that’s one for you; lose a hole, that’s one for your opponent. Ties on individual holes (called halves) essentially don’t count; they aren’t kept track of in the scorekeeping.


If individual matches are tied any day in the tournament, no tiebreaker is needed. Team matches can end in a tie on Day One for standing. On Day Two, only when a Team Match is tied after all individual matches are complete will there be a Tiebreaker – a Golf Shootout! Five players from each team are chosen at random. They will compete in a putting shootout vs. the other team. One on one putting matches, fewest putts wins the point. Team with the most points after 5 rounds wins the Tiebreaker and the Team Match.

Draft Golf Format

Because teams are made up of similar skilled players, Handicaps are not used for Draft Golf matches, only to determine skill for rounds.

Draft Golf Format is based off the “Pinehurst or Chapman System” a 2-person team competition format for golfers that works like this:

  • Both golfers on the side hit drives;
  • Each plays the other’s ball for the second shots;
  • The best of the second shots is selected, and from there the two partners play scramble into the hole.

Draft Golf Format works like this: Both golfers on a side tee off, they switch balls after the drives, then select the one better ball after the second shots, and play scramble shot from there until the ball is holed.

Our partners are Golfer A and Golfer B. On the first tee, both players tee off. But Golfer A walks to B’s drive, and Golfer B walks to A’s drive: they switch balls for the second strokes. So both golfers hit second strokes (again, A playing B’s ball and B playing A’s ball).

After those second strokes, they walk ahead and compare the results. Which ball is in the better position? They select the one ball they want to continue with; the other ball is picked up.

And from there it’s scramble until the ball goes in the hole.

2 Player Scramble

Let’s say Golfer B’s second shot is best. So Golfer A picks up their ball and moves it to the location of Golfer B’s second shot. The other ball is moved to be placed within one club-length of the selected ball’s position.

Both golfers then play their third strokes from that location. They compare the results of the third strokes and, again, select the ball in the best position. The other golfer then moves his or their ball to that location.

This method of play continues until the golf ball is holed to record the team score.

Potential Scenarios

Player A hits the ball into a penalty area or OB off their drive – Player B’s ball would be used to avoid any penalty strokes. Player a would hit their partners ball and player B would wait to continue at stroke 3, when scramble begins.

Both Teammates hit the ball into a penalty area or OB off their drive – Because of penalties, the next stroke would be in scramble format. The team would decide to play either ball from the appropriate drop areas and both would hit in scramble mode.

Player A hits second shot to a hazard but it is playable – Player A can play the ball was it lies and player B can play a ball one club length away no closer to the hole, even if it is out of the hazard.

Par 3 – Player A hits the green, player B doesn not. Only player B would be allowed to make the putt on the second stroke. After both have played their second shots can the team scramble.