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Ryder Cup with a twist…There are more than two teams and you pick your teammates !

Make New Friends

This isn’t just any golf tournament! You will be drafted to a team for the tournament. Meet great new people and play with, or against your friends. Register on your own or bring your friends (and save big when you do)!

All Golf Skills Are Welcome

Your skill level doesn’t matter, to us or others, as long as you can swing a club, everyone is welcome at Draft Tournaments. Our focus is to have fun, both on and off the course. We make sure all teams are evenly matched.

Uniform is Yours to Keep

Every golf tournament features fun and outrageous uniforms that are yours to keep once you are drafted. Golf shirt and hat all uniquely designed for each team and golf tournament. Once home, wear them to your next round!

Draft Party

A perfect way to start the tournament, you will be drafted to a team, and you will have the chance to hangout with everyone playing in the tournament in a crazy and fun atmosphere. Make sure you practice chugging beer (or other fizzy beverages if beer is not your thing)!

Multiple Rounds

We play multiple rounds 9 or 18 hole matches, with multiple match play formats: Alternate shot, Scramble, Pinehurst. A tournament this fun shouldn’t be over in a single round!

Every Team is Competitive

No need to stress about your handicap or finding enough people for a round. Bring as many buddies as you want, all teams are built at the Draft Party. Find out how it works. Everyone makes a Championship Final (Gold Final or Bronze Final)!

Join us for a golf tournament you will remember forever!

The World's Most Unique Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Imagine this: You don’t need to organize and gather a whole group of people to come to play golf for a weekend. Or better yet, you don’t need anyone at all!

You can just come as you please, and meet new people each and every tournament somewhere new in the world. Somewhere you always wanted to go and play golf. Wouldn’t this be amazing? Of course!

What if we told you that when you come to the Draft Party, where you may not know a single soul, you will immediately be welcomed to the Draft Family. No questions asked. And by the end of the weekend you will have made friends for a lifetime!

Too good to be true, right? Not at all. This happens again and again. That is how good the Draft Family is. People with a love of golf and friendship all coming together for a once in a lifetime experience.

The best part about this golf tournament is you. And everyone like you. That is what makes the Draft Tournament so satisfying and unique.

Travel The World With The Best People

We, the Draft Family get to travel to fun places in the world, to play sports. Trips of a lifetime, every year. Like, Austria, Japan and Sweden to name a few.

We always dream up new ways of having fun playing golf. This is what you get to be a part of. Don’t forget to keep the party going, join the Facebook Group.

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